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Springwood Academy

Springwood Academy

Springwood Academy is a separate non-for-profit organization formed in 2017.  It is affiliated with Autism Parent Care but is not part of it.  It is currently housed under the roof of Autism Parent Care, and is awaiting its building in the future.

Springwood Academy is a private school that delivers the educational component for special needs children requiring schooling.  Each student gets a structured curriculum at his or her level.  The curriculum ranges from Preschool to Ages 21.  Subjects are taught in a Montessori-style and consist of the following:



Language Arts


Social Studies


Practical Life

In addition, extra-curricular subjects are offered: music therapy, art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, drama, vocational training, field-work, internship placement, and sports activity

Students will be in a classroom setting in a peaceful and sensory-friendly environment.  The delivery is through a Montessori approach where inner motivation is emphasized.  Teachers stimulate discussions in a group before providing student-specific assignments.  The assignments are selected by the student, and a one-to-one student/teacher aide will guide the completion of the project. The level achieved will be documented; students will learn starting from their current level of achievement, and will move up the scale of learning.  The path of  student progress are charted, and parents will have a concrete idea of where the student attainment are.  This is to allow portability of the educational attainment to other settings such as a mainstream classroom, or other schools should the student need to be transferred.


Unlike traditional teaching method, the learning style is practical.  Students learn by doing projects and discussing with teachers, and or/other relevant experts.  Lecture-style and online modality are kept to a minimum.  This is to foster self-directed learning in an active problem-solving manner.  It is important that students do not merely memorize information but are able to apply them in real life.


Parents will have daily progress notes of their child’s activities in school.  Parents will take an active part in their children’s learning.


We partner with the  Carmel Clay, Indiana, School District.  This is equivalent to attending a public school system.  Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and other necessary services will be provided by the school district.


Springwood Academy follows the school calendar year of the Carmel Clay School District.


The long term goal of Springwood Academy is to build a boarding and residential facility for students with Special Needs.  This is to ease the load on parents who have intensive career workload.  The long term aim is for boarding 5 days a week; students will return home in the weekend.  Residential facility are for graduated students who need adult and teen guidance onto college, career, or supervised living environment.  Currently, Springwood Academy is at an early stage.  Only the classroom component is available.

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