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Geographical Area of Services

Autism Parent Care currently services children from Indianapolis and the surrounding Indiana area in the USA. We are setting up outreach programs through the SIG of ABAI to Asia. For further information on the topics please visit our Global Outreach link.

Our Funding

Autism Parent Care aims to provide resource for families dealing with financing the cost of various treatments. There is a special emphasis in serving the population who can not afford full insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our goal is to provide the best level of service for children and families impacted by ASD, that cultural and economic background will not be a barrier. Autism Parent Care will assist families obtain insurance coverage or apply financial assistance from official agencies. Once approved, the family will receive financial assistance to subsidize the cost of a traditional full-time ABA treatment program. We also offer referral service to various Autism Behavioral Centers in Indianapolis in the event our placement becomes full or when other expertise is necessary.

Our Programs

Through thoughtfully designed programs and the latest applied neuroscience technology- quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG), we trace the degree of brain connectivity and construct treatment schedules in conjunction with ABA assessment to achieve best results.  Since wellness extends into family lifestyles, Autism Parent Care supports families to transition into harmonious living on a day-to-day basis.  We believe that optimal health could be achieved in the ASD individuals through working with their families and society.  The custom-designed programs are available to children with ASD to support the following goals:

* First step screening

* Parent information session done one-to-one or through our group seminars

* Clinician referral (physicians, psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, school counselors, pastoral counselors, tutors, baby-sitters)

* Brain mapping

* Obtaining diagnosis

* Verbal behaviors (e.g. difficulty or not able to speak)

* Social communication (e.g. not interacting with others as expected)

* Issues with specific behaviors (including aggression, self injurious behavior etc)

* Difficulty with transition (e.g. could not “go with the flow” insisting on certain routine)

* Toilet training

* Sleeping

* Academic advice (e.g. how can my child study in school and other questions)

* Talent development

* Career planning

* Family adjustment, motivational, psychological and pastoral counseling (with the support of respective churches)

Jane Yip

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Kellie HarrisPosted on  7:13 pm - Jun 9, 2017

Pls help me… I am so confused and overwhelmed…
I just want whats best for my son

Erica BrowningPosted on  12:55 pm - Jun 28, 2017

Do you offer any part time services for high functioning children after school? I don’t feel that he needs to attend a full time ABA school but he does need some ABA and the only places I’ve found offer services only during the school day, meaning he would miss half the day of school every day, which I believe may hurt him in the long run.

Melissa BlackPosted on  4:27 pm - Nov 25, 2017

How much does it cost

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