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United Nations Projects

United Nations Projects

Jane in Conference

Dr. Jane Yip at the ABAI conference with the Multi-ABA International Chapter

Mission of The International Chapter of Multi-ABA

Our mission is to better the quality of life and social functioning of individuals with special needs. This will be achieved through social outreach, policy development, research and education. Due to improved technology, individuals with disability-including autism-can reach a much higher level of functioning previously unheard of. We will educate and train family members and professionals working with special needs individuals on the latest in research and treatment. We aim to replace previously low expectations of families with new found optimism.

We also aim to promote dialogue between the special needs individual and the community. When the message is spread globally, a unity will be fostered that binds people towards the ultimate goal of human rights for individuals with special needs. Addressing the issue of disability ultimately will result in a more humane community consistent with the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Website: http://www.multiaba.com/

Jane Yip

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