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Global Consultation in Autism

Global Consultation in Autism

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What Are Online Consultation Services?

It is a service that utilizes information to be exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a clients’ behavioral health status. It uses a variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, smart phones, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology.  Information exchange is done with strict confidentiality in accordance to the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  The HIPAA of 1996 (HIPAA) required the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information.

Borrowing from the model of “telemedicine”, our online consultation services are extending care to clients in remote areas who would otherwise not be privy to services needed for their children and/or family members on the autism spectrum.

Our online refers to the actual delivery of remote clinical services using technology.

Who are the professionals treating the clients?

Professionals include US and overseas-based board certified behavior analysts (BCBA).  There will be qualified Speech, Language Pathologists (SLP) and Occupational therapists as needed.  Other professionals are board certified music therapists.  Our team is also comprised of highly trained and experienced ABA therapists.  Social workers and licensed mental health providers trained to counsel parents are available for psychological support.  Qualified career counselors are also available according to the situation.

Who will benefit from the remote service?

Any clients who do not have readily accessible services for autism.

Early intervention for a young child who has just been diagnosed with autism, this service provides immediate backup.  Maladaptive behaviors when addressed early can be changed more easily.  Parents and caregivers will have the service either while they are waiting for in treatment in their home or in the case where services are not available will get the support without undue delay.

Later diagnosis for teenagers or young adults on the autism spectrum.  Many high functioning individuals may not realize that they are on the spectrum until some life events bring it to the surface.  This tele-consult can provide the much needed outlet to clarify, direct and treat the youth so that their life can be brought back on track without too much disruption.

Individuals who missed the conventional criteria for a diagnosis but nonetheless exhibit features that hinder smooth functioning in life.  These individuals are the most under-served because their symptoms are not “believed”.  The confidential nature of this online service allows such an individual to explore their problem without fear of judgment.

Concerned caregivers from countries who do not readily accept autism as a problem.  Unfortunately, the stigma of autism prevails in many parts of the world.  Caregivers who wants to help are unable to do so because of objections from “well-meaning” relatives.  These caregivers can now seek help discretely without fear.  Through getting the help and implementing them successfully, these caregivers will have the peace of mind that they have taken steps for the betterment of their child while at the same time maintaining their social standing.

Career counseling for adults on the autism spectrum.  Not only is gainful employment good for the pocket book, it is important for a person to feel that life is meaningful.  Finding a suitable career path is not straightforward for those on the spectrum.  We will assemble a team of people and help our clients assess options.  We will work on not only behaviors that lead to a job offer but those that lend to maintenance of a job.

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 What are the advantages of online services?

  • More convenient, accessible care for clients in rural and global locations

More accessible, convenient services for clients on the autism spectrum to address care shortages, especially in remote rural areas, and on location in countries where therapy for autism is not readily available. Our online consultation services have the power not only to break down typical geographical barriers to care access, but to make the entire service delivery model more convenient to clients.

  • Discrete, reliable, and private

In cases where a family member is trying to get help for a child but is facing opposition due to perceived stigma of autism, the online service is private.  Only the use of a computer is needed.  The caregiver will have access to professional advice in a private and discrete setting.  The platform is protected from staff turnover and hence will ensure reliability.

  • Increasing patient engagement

It engages patients by allowing them to connect with their care team more frequently, in a convenient way. That means more questions asked and answered, a stronger relationship between caregiver, clients and therapists.  Patients who feel that they have more say in their care.

  • Better quality patient care

It makes it easier for providers to follow-up with clients and make sure everything is going well. Whether they’re using a more extensive remote client data collection and monitoring system to watch the client, or doing a video-chat to answer questions about a concern, this tele-platform leads to better care outcomes.

What are the requirements to enlist this service?

  • Requires technical training and equipment

Like most technology solutions, the tele-platforms usually require some training and equipment purchases.   Clients will have to be registered with a secure videochat app.  Some training and practice is usually needed.  Clients may need to purchase a webcam if they do not have one.

  • Commitment and time

In order for treatment to be effective, clients have to be committed to follow the recommendation of the professionals and allow time for behavior to change.  Changes takes time and so patience and consistent application is necessary.

  • Continuing learning

Caregivers who will be delivering the one-to-one treatment to their child or adult family member on the autism spectrum must be prepared to put in time and effort in learning new ways of operating.

How are fees charged?

  • Self Pay

If there is not the availability of insurance coverage such as in location outside United States or other reasons, clients can do a self-pay scheme.  Note that fees ranges between many board certified behavior analysts; it can range, ranging from US $35 – US$125 per visit. That means patients are paying out-of-pocket, many clients have found patients don’t mind, and in fact are happy to pay the additional fee for the convenience of avoiding the red tape that comes from insurance.  Payment can be done via our secure paypal account.

  • Insurance reimbursement

For patients who qualify for insurance coverage, our billing agent will consult with the client and be available to handle all aspects of billing, authorization, and payment.

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