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Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Individuals on the autism spectrum need to be viewed from a humanistic perspective.  Enthusiastic attempts to “treat” the condition as a medical procedure can leave out important consideration for the person.  During the recent World Autism Awareness Day in Geneva, United Nation representatives raised concerns about the need to approach intervention in alignment with human rights values (April 2, 2015).  Autism is a challenge for the medical system but society has to keep in mind that whatever procedures that are delivered must not cause undue suffering of people.

More discussions/publicity is needed to remove barriers and misconception about autism, both in under-served and affluent communities.  Individuals with autism, and parents need to be recognized and have a say on their needs.

It is a priority that information are disseminated to the global sphere so that autism becomes a mainstay rather than a topic to be avoided.  The global outreach is about providing individuals and families with the necessary skills and support to have choice and control over their lives.  The ultimate vision is eradication of the stigma and integration of everyone- regardless of levels of “ability”- into society in our global village.

Jane Yip

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