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John Tran’s Exhibition 2016

John Tran’s Exhibition 2016

First Friday’s Art On Mass Avenue – Featuring John Tran’s Art Expedition

JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT –  John’s remaining art work will be removed soon. Hurry, you have until September 5, 2016 to purchase one of his paintings.


Theatre on the Square
Address: 627 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
August 5, 2016 Friday at 6 PM – 9 PM

John is a 14 year old boy with severe autism. He has severe cognitive delay, is not able to speak and suffers from sensory overwhelm which imposes significant restriction on his life. We here at A.P.C. have had the honor of working with John for the past 4 1/2 years.

He has a preference for coordinating colors and will stack blocks or items of complementary colors in an organized manner. Hence, the idea of art lessons was born.

As John paints, he loses the traits of autism and becomes absorbed like any artist and wins a semblance of normality. Children like John are often packed away in the isolation of their homes or institutions- there is little, if any, expectation to develop his talent.

However, after art lessons, John managed to produce a number of strikingly beautiful art pieces. John’s preference is for monochromatic colors which he carefully blends-with brush and fingers, or sometimes scrubbed with a duster- with other complementary schemes to achieve a final coordinated outcome, perhaps speaking for his inner psychological need for harmony and unity. You’ll have an opportunity to view, enjoy and purchase his extrodinary art pieces.

john painting 1


Bao Huynh