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Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

ABA Therapy and Behavioral Services for Youth, Teens, and Young Adults Ages 3 – 22 Years

We would love to have your family come for a visit. We are¬†available to arrange a tour of our center and classrooms, perform intake/assessments, and/or enroll you for our youth program. Autism Parent Care offers ABA Therapy during school hours, after-school, evening, and weekend therapy, and a multitude of other behavioral intervention services from our BCBA and RBT’s. We offer a variety of settings that allow for all types of learners.

Both private insurance and self-pay clients are accepted. We aim to make these services as affordable as possible to families in our communities and we will work with families individually to cater for their circumstances. Here at Autism Parent Care, we focus on the parents and caregivers alongside our clients, making sure they are supported through the learning process.

Our company would be honored to learn along side your family. 

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