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Autism Parent Care was launched in 2009 to provide parent seminars for translating scientific findings on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) into lay terms for better understanding of their children with ASD.  Dr. Jane Yip, an enthusiastic advocate for knowledge dissemination, and founder of Autism Parent Care, has been involved in basic science research in the brain circuitry of individuals with ASD, and has peer-reviewed publications in the field.

As a parent herself, Dr. Yip also feels for the parents of a child with ASD as they often neglect their well-being while embarking on the journey of acceptance of the symptoms on the one hand and adjusting to life on the other. When parents’ well-being is taken care of, the successes of the child tends to follow. As parents shared their experience, it became clear for Dr. Yip that Autism Parent Care needed to take on more active roles in the care of both the children and the parents impacted by ASD.

Since 2011, Autism Parent Care has become a service provider for the treatment of children with ASD. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) was offered to clients with ASD in conjunction with parent needs-based continuing education. In order for the treatment outcome of individuals with ASD to be long-term, Dr. Yip believes the wiring of the brain of children with ASD needs to be changed to be more like neurotypical or “normal” children’s wiring. Dr. Yip applies live neuro-imaging techniques, qEEG, to “read” the wiring of the brains of children as they embark on therapy. From 2011 to 2013, Dr. Yip gathered clinical data in collaboration with Purdue University and shared her findings in scientific conferences that therapy alters brain circuits for the better.

While in constant communication with parents, the overall development of the child has been raised by parents as a concern. Many children with ASD have difficulty adjusting to mainstream schooling including high functioning children who graduate top of their program on ABA-based measurement criteria. “The tendency to become overwhelmed and lack of ability to detect subtle social cues overshadows the outstanding talents they have,” said some parents. Because of the sensitive nature of children with ASD, many of them refuse to go to school. Therefore, home-schooling and/or online-schooling become the only viable options, which further exacerbates any social deficits.

In 2014, Autism Parent Care tested a model of doing ABA therapy on the site of a naturally-contrived school setting. It allowed ABA therapists to follow the child through the day while delivering therapy and shaping social behaviors modeled after typical peers. The result was outstanding! Children have reached their goals much faster when therapy was delivered in a natural setting. When children with ASD are registered in such a program, they do not have a fear of typical peers because both groups were socialized together in a natural cultural context. For typical children, they learn to understand, help and accept friends who are different-paving a future where individuals with ASD will be better assimilated into society.

Autism Parent Care strives to deliver a unique program combining requirements of symptom amelioration, social skill strengthening, talent development and self-motivated learning all in one package. The philosophy of Autism Parent Care is continuing growth with our children and parents and working for a bright future together.

Jane Yip

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