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About Us

About Us

Our vision is to enable children diagnosed with ASD to fulfill their highest potentials, in addition to addressing their deficits, and to become functional members of society. Autism Parent Care aims, especially, to help under-served neighborhoods become aware of the issues and the management of ASD.

Our mission is to provide integrative resources for individuals and families impacted by ASD – specializing in applied behavior analysis (ABA) with state-of-the art applied neuroscience technology. Most importantly, our programs are conducted in an environment rich with diverse culture where natural learning is fostered.

Our Services Are Provided with The Following Philosophies in Heart

A focus in creating a healthy brain through therapy or training,

A profound approach, ABA therapy, the reliable gold standard treatment for ASD,

Individualized program design with various therapy plans,

Support and education provided for individuals, parents, caregivers, siblings and family members impacted by ASD,

Experienced and fulfilled staff to serve and grow along with the family,

Empirical outcome monitor of the program on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis,

Research-based treatment to the standard of scientific peer-reviewed publications,

Family friendly social support including educational and fun-filled camps, and

Culturally-enriched setting with typical peers to promote generalization (or acting socially in a natural manner).

The method of ABA targets behavior. The method based on the neuroscience of ASD aims at the cause. Hand-in-hand, the dual approach works very effectively addressing ASD.

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