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Montessori Setting

Natural Environment Training Goals acquired during discrete trials during ABA therapy has to be field tested in the natural environment so that the skills can be applied...

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Contrary to the myth, ABA is NOT an experimental procedure. Its effectiveness has been...

Brain Mapping

The brain is a network formed by a connecting framework, somewhat like an inter-linking service lines in a train subway system, which consists of the components that make up...

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Brain Mapping

A focus on creating a healthy brain. Visualizing progress from therapy, we can create brain wiring that tends towards balance.

ABA Therapy

Reliable gold standard treatment for autism. Utilizing principles of behavior, individuals are guided naturally towards better adaptation to their environment.

Family Support

Caring support for parents and caregivers. Centering on empowerment of caregivers with knowledge and skills, the family get to enjoy their children in ways never thought of before.

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We Work With Families to Develop Their Children to the Highest Potential

11/07/2016 No Comments

Bill of Rights for Children

(By Theresa Wangler) Every child, regardless of his/her socioeconomic status; his/her race religion, nationality; or the circumstances of his/her birth, is endowed with the following rights given by God to be followed by all parents, guardians, and other adults: 1. ┬áTHE RIGHT TO BE LOVED (Primary Importance) 2. THE RIGHT TO BE UNDERSTOOD (Not Merely […]

10/24/2016 No Comments

A Memorandum From Your Child

1. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE FIRM WITH ME. (I prefer it. It lets me know where I stand.) 2. DON’T BE INCONSISTENT BECAUSE I HAVE PROBLEMS. (That confuses me and make me try harder to get away with everything I can.) 3. DON’T LET MY “BAD HABITS” GET A LOT OF YOUR ATTENTION. (It […]