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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

Completing The Puzzle Together

This support group offers parents and caregivers on-going compassionate support on issues encountered through living with a child or adult on the autism spectrum. This is a unique opportunity where family members meet each other and discover, through their common experience, encouragement for each other.  We will work together and expand our skills. At each meeting, there will be a specific topic delivered from request from the group. Where appropriate guest speakers will present at the meeting. We will invite clinicians and relevant professionals that will be of interest to parents. Guest speakers will be ongoing for continuous education and training. Please note: The specialists we invite may not necessarily represent our views.

Attendance is free of charge.

Possible Topics Include:

  • Understanding the diagnosis
    • Day-to-day living
    • Recognizing communication challenges between the child , the parent and loved ones
    • Treatment and intervention
    • Medication
    • Education
    • Sibling relations
    • Family relationship
    • Grief
    • Financial planning
    • Career and future planning

This is a rare meeting group that explores major life topics relating to ASD.  The more informed we become, the greater the opportunity we have for success.

Our Mission

To provide practical information, education and coaching for parents and caregivers of individuals with autism.  We will assist in navigating through the diagnosis and become a safe place which provides a sounding board for those of us sharing common experiences.  We will facilitate parents in recognizing their needs in order to incorporate a support system that will assist them in everyday life, outside of our group, as situations arise relating to the daily challenges of autism.

Our Team

Our team of facilitators consists of qualified individuals who have decades of experience working alongside parents as support professionals. Our experience includes: a PhD in Neuroscience focused on autism and brain mapping, family-life educators whom have created and facilitated parent training workshops and support groups, as well as a “peer support provider” who has navigated through the ups and downs of parenting children on the spectrum and can relate on the same level as our group participants.

Jane Yip

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Caroline JaynePosted on  9:58 pm - Apr 6, 2016


I’m planning on attending the parent group meeting on April 7th. I attended one meeting in February and am looking forward to participating again.

Kristin M CaryPosted on  2:12 pm - Jul 27, 2017

Could you let me know when your next meeting is? Thanks!

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