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Montessori Approach

Montessori is the philosophy of learning at the child’s direction. Children are given a choice of differently assigned work during the school day in which the child decides what to work on...

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the gold standard therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Contrary to the myth, ABA is NOT an experimental procedure. Its effectiveness has been...

Brain Mapping

The brain is a network formed by a connecting framework, somewhat like an inter-linking service lines in a train subway system, which consists of the components that make up...

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Brain Mapping

A focus on creating a healthy brain. Visualizing progress from therapy, we can create brain wiring that tends towards balance.

ABA Therapy

Reliable gold standard treatment for autism. Utilizing principles of behavior, individuals are guided naturally towards better adaptation to their environment.

Family Support

Caring support for parents and caregivers. Centering on empowerment of caregivers with knowledge and skills, the family get to enjoy their children in ways never thought of before.

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We Work With Families to Develop Their Children to the Highest Potential

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Careers and Vacancy

Hello! We are seeking qualified individuals with a BCBA to work with children with autism on a consultant basis.  This position is suitable for individuals looking for full time or part-time work schedule that is flexible and a setting for innovative self-expression. In this role you will be expected to provide assessment, write treatment plans, […]

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Music Therapy in Session!

How fun it is to learn music in a way that helps you connect with language!

Art Therapy
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A Happy Day at Montessori School

Everyone had a blast at our Montessori School today!